Đề cuối kỳ 2 Tiếng Anh 10 năm 2021 – 2022 trường THPT Lạc Long Quân – Bến Tre

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I. Choose the word among A, B, C, D that best fits the blank in the following passage:(1,0p) Nowadays people are more aware that wildlife all over the world is in danger. Many species of animals are threatened, and could easily become (1) ____ if we do not make an effect to protect them. There are many reasons for this. In some cases, animals are hunted for their furor for other valuable parts of their bodies. Some birds, (2) ____ as parrots are caught alive and sold as pets. For many animals and birds, the problem is that their habitat- the place where they live- is disappearing. More (3)____is used for farms, for houses or industry, and there are fewer open spaces than there once were. Farmers use powerful chemicals to help them grow better crops, but these chemicals pollute (4) ____ environment and harm wildlife. The most successful animal on earth- human beingswill soon be the only ones left, unless we can solve this problem. 1. A. empty B. disappeared C. extinct D. lost 2. A. such B. where C. like D. or 3. A. area B. earth C. forest D. land 4. A. that B. the C. an D. a.
II. Read the passage below and choose one correct answer for each question. (1,0p) People have been hunting whales for at least a thousand years, and there were no real problems until 20th century. What happened was that fishing technology became much more efficient and the ships were much faster, so more and more whales were caught. In the 1960s the main whaling countries were killing more than sixty thousand whales a year, and everyone began to realize that something had to be done. It was environmental groups like Greenpeace that really made things change. They set out to make people aware of the fact that whales were fast becoming extinct. But even now we don’t know if all this interest has become too late. Let’s take the great blue whale for example, which at thirty to forty metres long is the biggest animal there has ever been – now there are perhaps about two thousand leave. In fact they have been protected for quite a long time, but there is no sign that the population is growing. 5. Which of the following statements is NOT true about blue whale? A. They can grow up to forty metres long.
B. They are the biggest animal on the earth. C. Their population is growing fast. D. They have been protected for quite a long time. 6. The 20th century has brought many dangers to whales due to ________ . A. longer nets B. faster ships C. improved methods of technology D. hunter groups 7. Appropriately how many blue whales are there on the earth now? A. 60,000 B. 40,000 C. 30,000 D. 2,000 8. How long have people been hunting whales? A. for over 1,000 years B. since the 20th century C. for nearly 200 years D. since the 1960s. III. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others. (0,5p) 9. A. complicated B. bridegroom C. originate D. superstition 10. A. alert B. address C. adapt D. access IV. Choose the word which has a different stress pattern from that of the others. (0,5p) 11. A. equality B. education C. limitation D. opportunity 12. A. atmosphere B. appointment C. attendant D. acceptance V. Choose the answer which needs correcting. (0,5p) 13. He is a kind of person who job involves travelling a lot. A B C D 14. In fact, France had a more lower overall medal total than Russia.
A B C D VI. Choose the best answers to complete the sentences: (3,5ps) 15. the screen with your finger! A. Use B. Take C. Hold D. Touch 16. After the wedding ceremony at the church, they go to the hotel for the wedding_______. A. cake B. ring C. day D. reception 17. Farmers can enrich the soil by using _______. A. fertile B. fertility C. fertilizers D. fertilize 18. Today, many governments have taken into consideration the ______ of water resources. A. conservation B. conserve C. conservatism D. conservative 19. Both gender should be provided______ equal rights to education, employment and healthcare. A. from B. by C. with D. on 20. He would work in aviation if he ______6 years younger. A. is B. were C. will be D. would be 21. I have got today’s newspaper, ______has a list of film. A. which B. whom C. that D. whose 22. Bill Gate, ______is the owner of Microsoft Corporation, donates nearly all of his money to charity. A. who B. that C. which D. whose 23. Where’s ______money I gave you on______first of this month. A. the/ a B. a/ the C. the/ the D. Ø/ the 24. Let’s go to Đa Lat for ______ week next summer. A. the B. a C. an D. Ø 25. The man ______ that he had done this before and that he had some experience in the field. A. told B. said me C. talked D. said.