Đề thi chọn HSG Quốc gia THPT năm 2018 môn Tiếng Anh

Đề thi chọn HSG Quốc gia THPT năm 2018 môn Tiếng Anh của Bộ Giáo dục và Đào tạo gồm 12 trang với 4 phần thi: Nghe, Ngữ pháp, Đọc và Viết, thời gian làm bài 180 phút, kỳ thi diễn ra vào ngày 11/01/2018.

Trích dẫn đề thi chọn HSG Quốc gia THPT năm 2018 môn Tiếng Anh:
+ Which of the following sentences best expresses the meaning of the sentence in bold in paragraph 3?
A. Objective as it may seem, the world we are depicting is almost susceptible to intriguing linguistic subtleties.
B. No matter how intriguing they are, minor peculiar linguistic features have no impacts on the objective world depicted.
C. The objective world being described is too amusing to be altered by any peculiar linguistic features.
D. However amusing it is, the world being depicted is not subject to any impacts of little linguistic peculiarities.
+ Write an essay of 350 words on the following topic:
More and more children are performing their talents on reality shows. Some people welcome this as a way to nurture young talents; others are worried that rising to fame at such an early age may disrupt children’s personal development.
Present argumentation to highlight your opinion on this matter. Give reasons and specific examples to support your opinion(s).
+ What is the purpose of the reference to the pendulum? (paragraph 4)
A. to show that genetic differences among races are insignificant.
B. to suggest that Chomsky’s theory is no longer accepted as correct.
C. to suggest that human speech patterns are hereditary.
D. to state that cultural differences account for linguistic differences.


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