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Question 1: I presume that they’re not coming _______ they haven’t replied to the invitation. A. because of B. although C. in spite of D. because Question 2: The police have every good _______ to believe that he is guilty. A. reason B. excuse C. cause D. ground Question 3: Every morning, my father usually drinks several cups of tea, has a _______ breakfast and then leads the buffalo to the field. A. quicker B. quickness C. quickly D. quick Question 4: I will have been away from home for more than three years ________.
A. by the time I return to my country next month. B. once I had returned to my country next month C. until I will have returned to my country next month D. as soon as I will return to my country next month Question 5: He needs to do the homework before going out with his friends, _______? A. does he B. need he C. doesn’t he D. needn’t he Question 6: Food and drinks which strongly _______ the body can cause stress. A. motivate B. encourage C. boost D. stimulate.
Question 7: Don’t _______ when he is telling the story. A. break in B. break into C. stop in D. stop off Question 8: I remember she wore a _______ dress to go out with her boyfriend last week. A. cotton white Vietnamese B. white Vietnamese cotton C. white cotton Vietnamese D. Vietnamese white cotton Question 9: I won’t buy that car because it has too much _______ on it.
A. wear and tear B. ups and downs C. white lie D. oddsand ends Question 10: ________ a very big breakfast, the kids refused to have anything for lunch. A. Having eaten B. Being eaten C. Eaten D. Have eaten Question 11: During the interview, you should try to _______ a good impression on your interviewer. A. try B. give C. have D. create Question 12: When are you leaving _______ Singapore? This week or next week? A. to B. for C. at D. in.